COVID 19 Relief Donations
By Burholme EMS
April 14, 2020

For over 87 years Burholme E.M.S has been dedicated and committed to providing care to the community of Northeast Philadelphia and Eastern Montgomery county. The COVID 19 Pandemic has raised the stakes in so many ways in providing care to our community. We have responded with unprecedented steps to keep our providers and patients safe from the virus spread in all aspects of delivery of care.

This outbreak has placed a heavy demand on our organization operationally as well financially.

To ensure safety for all we have taken the following steps:

* Purchase of protective equipment for all our clinical staff
* Training all of our EMT and Paramedics on high level isolation procedures and techniques
* Decontamination products and equipment to ensure safe clinical and station working environments
* Increase support for our administrative and leadership teams

Our Need for Assistance at this Critical Time is Immediate and We Ask for your Kind and Generous Support
***Burholme EMS is a 501(c)(3) organization so all contributions are tax deductible***

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We Can't Stay Home.. But You Can ! ................ Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!